There is NO JOY like the joy of watching children open up their gifts on Christmas morning.  That’s a fact!  The only thing BETTER for moms in Bridge of Hope, is knowing that they were able to buy the gifts themselves according to their children’s specific requests, wishes and preferences.  This is the reason we are asking you to donate gift cards instead of buying gifts and wrapping them yourselves.  Below is a “wish list” for the families in Bridge of Hope Lancaster.  If you would like to bring a big smile to the faces of mothers and children this December, please donate today!  With our deepest gratitude….


The following needs:

  • 48 gift cards of $25 each for Walmart or Target (these will be used to purchase 1 toy, 1 pair of pajamas and 1 game per child)
  • 32 gift cards of $25 or $50 each for moms to purchase gifts for Christmas morning for their children.
  • 14 gift cards for holiday meal purchases of $25 each for Giant, Acme, or Wegmans.
  • 14 gift cards of $25 for Wawa or Sheetz for gifts of gas purchases for parents in Bridge of Hope
  • 14 gift cards for the moms – VISA, Amazon or Discover gift cards (use your points)


Here is the make-up of our current families:

  • Family #1 – mom 27 years old with 5 children, ages 6 (girl), 4 (boy), 3 (girl), 18 months (boy) and 9 months (boy)
  • Family #2 – mom 33 years old with 3 children, ages 6 (girl), 11 (boy) and 13 (boy)
  • Family #3 – mom 27 years old with one child, age 2 (boy)
  • Family #4 – mom 23 years old with 2 year old twins (one boy and one girl)
  • Family #5 – Mom 23 years old with 2 children, ages 2 (boy) and 4 months (girl)
  • Family #6 – mom 26 years old with 2 children, ages 4 (boy) and 5 (boy)
  • Family #7 – mom 36 year old with 1 child, age 13 (boy)

Please note that as gift cards are received for families, we will revise our wish list.  And as new families come into the program, we will add them to the list.

If you are willing to donate one or more of these, please mail the item to:

Bridge of Hope Christmas Blessings

PO Box 304
Exton, PA 19341-0304

If you’d like us to purchase the gift card/s, please feel free to make a donation and add a note in the “Comments” section referencing Bridge of Hope Christmas Blessing.  If you’d like, you may also add a note specifying the type of gift card and or family you’d like the gift card to go to.  Please make your donation or mail or deliver the gift cards to Bridge of Hope by December 1, 2020.

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