Longing for Home

Imagine how it feels to live in a place that is unsafe. Imagine longing for a home where you can settle in, have stability and feel safe to raise your children.

Mikayla* is a single mom of a two year old and they have always lived with Mikayla’s grandmother. Several weeks ago her grandmother passed away. Mikayla now has 30 days to find a new place for her family to live because her name wasn’t on the lease. She called Bridge of Hope for help a few days after her grandmother’s funeral. Mikayla needs to find something she can afford with her salary as a home health aide, but what her budget will allow isn’t even close to the cost of housing. And she’s struggling to process the grief of losing her grandmother, the only person who believed in and supported her. Her grief is compounded by deep anxiety for her son as they face homelessness. With all this loss, Mikayla and her son are longing for a place to live, safety, release from the grip of fear, and time to heal.

Will you provide Mikayla’s family, and others like them, with a safe place to live and neighboring relationships to help them thrive?



The cost of ending homelessness for a family is approximately $58 per day. Your support of one day, or more, will enable a mother and her children to end their cycle of homelessness by building stability and wellness with the help of Neighboring Volunteers.

What are you longing for? This time of year, many of us are longing for spring and the warmer weather that comes with it. Moms like Mikayla are longing for a place to call home, to begin healing from deep losses and to feel supported.

Will you make a gift for Bridge of Hope to help a mom like Mikayla have a safe place to raise her child with the encouragement and support that will enable her to thrive?

Fear can imprison. A home can set a mother free: free to heal and free to build her skills to better support her family. Thank you in advance for helping provide the gift of home. God is at work and we are grateful for your gift, which will have a big impact on moms and children facing a housing crisis.



If you prefer to mail a gift, you can send it to: Bridge of Hope, P.O. Box 304, Exton, PA 19341-0304.


Longing for Home