Isolation, Unemployment and now Evictions?

August 11, 2020

With talk of the eviction moratorium being lifted in August, some predict there will be a “tsunami of evictions” in September and October. This is a terrifying reality for many, especially those already on the fringes, like single women and children who are barely making ends meet. Some lost their jobs several months ago and fell behind on their rent. Only recently getting back to work, they will not be able to catch up from that lost income. Some landlords are willing to work with their tenants, others will decide they aren’t able to continue waiting and will begin the eviction process.

The new Rent Relief Program (part of the PA CARES Act) is welcome news for some who have lost work due to the coronavirus and have fallen behind in rent. But this program will require quite a bit of leg work, getting proof from employers and other paperwork in order to verify their unemployment was due to the virus. Trying to navigate through this new government system will be a challenge for many. Now, more than ever, Bridge of Hope can provide a long term solution, enabling these families to have hope for a brighter future. Would you consider helping to provide housing and stability for children and their moms? 

Audrey Metzler
Bridge of Hope Lancaster

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Isolation, Unemployment and now Evictions?