Resilience in Action

June 14, 2022

Could you pack up and move out of your home in 10 days? What if there was no one to help you and you didn’t know where you were moving to? If your car broke down, could you walk with your children to daycare or school, and then to work each morning… doing it all again each afternoon before getting home to make supper? Or could you call on others for rides? When have you had to be resilient?

At Bridge of Hope Lancaster, we’ve been truly humbled by the resiliency among the families we serve. Most recently, two single mothers shared their experience of the scenarios described above. Mila and her daughter with special needs had only days to find new housing after their Emergency Rental Assistance funds ended and the eviction process began. Jenna, who has a school-aged child and two preschool children, has no support system or a driver’s license. She starts her day at 5:00 a.m. so there’s enough time to walk everyone to where they need to be and get to work on time. She does it all over again on the way home every afternoon.

The barriers that Mila and Jenna have had to power through have been eased by the amazing support within our Bridge of Hope community. Mila quickly found new (and better) housing through a collaborative effort between Bridge of Hope Lancaster and a housing agency. Since she wasn’t yet matched with her group of Neighboring Volunteers when her new place became available, several churches stepped up with volunteers to help on moving day. Jenna’s Neighboring Volunteers from Forest Hills Mennonite Church have rapidly connected with the family. They are currently helping Jenna obtain her driver’s permit and have begun building trust and meaningful relationships with the children.

Little actions can make the biggest differences for families facing homelessness. If you’re already thinking of one small way you might help a family like Mila’s or Jenna’s, give us a call.

Thank you for your support!


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Resilience in Action