A Milestone Moment

February 9, 2023

Jackie* had been looking for a job for a while. A variety of issues caused her to have trouble in her search, including lack of transportation. Recently she opened up to her group of Neighboring Volunteers and was honest about her struggles. One of her Neighboring Volunteers drove her to a job interview, waited while she was in the interview and then took her to lunch. Jackie was offered the job and starts soon! Through the love and support of her Neighboring Volunteers, this mom was able to accomplish her goal of finding employment.

This is a milestone moment for Jackie and her Neighboring Volunteers who have been on the journey toward ending homelessness with her!

We are seeing Neighboring Volunteers open their hearts and open doors for moms and their children. They are learning how to help with the stressful things families are facing and also join them in having fun.

Are you and your faith community ready to step up to provide tangible and emotional support to a family facing homelessness? To learn more about how you can Neighbor a family in Bridge of Hope, contact Caleb Simmers at calebs@bridgeofhopeinc.org or 610-280-0280 x1102.


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A Milestone Moment