Let’s Play Together

August 10, 2023

Aria* and her son recently moved into an apartment with the help of Bridge of Hope. Their Neighboring Volunteers gave them a basket of goodies to welcome them to their new home, including passes to an indoor playground. This will give Aria and her son an opportunity to go play together, something that was not possible when they were experiencing homelessness. Since she is no longer struggling for a place to live, Aria can spend more time and focus on her son’s development. Her son’s teacher contacted Aria to let her know an improvement in his work and interactions has already been noticed at school!

In order for children to thrive, basic necessities, like housing and food, need to be met, but children also need time for play to promote healthy development. Now that they have stable housing, Aria and her son can settle in and spend time playing together.

Caleb Simmers, Church Engagement and Housing Director


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Let’s Play Together