Relationships are formed in Neighborhoods of Support

April 12, 2023

Kicking off the start of spring, Bridge of Hope Lancaster held a Neighborhood Gathering at James Street Mennonite Church for our Neighboring Families and Neighboring Volunteers. Everyone who attended had dinner together.

After dinner, the mothers and volunteers had separate opportunities for further learning. Neighboring Volunteers learned about walking with families who may be experiencing mental health challenges, led by Brenda Weaver (retired Drexel University faculty). The mothers participated in a nutrition and cooking class through Penn State Nutrition Links. We were thrilled to see all of the moms laughing together as they made a fruit salad recipe in the church kitchen!

A great group of volunteers provided childcare for the children so the mothers could concentrate on their class. The night turned out to be a very successful gathering!

Relationships are formed in Bridge of Hope Neighborhoods of Support! One of the participating moms says she is very grateful for Neighboring. She and the volunteers have formed a bond and now she feels comfortable expressing emotional needs to her group.

Recently this family and their Neighboring Volunteers celebrated the mom’s birthday by going bowling and then back to their house for dessert. This group has jumped in to support the family in so many ways. They’ve delivered meals, planned activities with the child so mom could have alone time and shared parenting advice when asked.

Are you and your faith community ready to step up to provide tangible and emotional support to a family facing homelessness? To learn more about how you can Neighbor a family in Bridge of Hope, contact Caleb Simmers at or 610-280-0280 x1102.

~Talita Hall, Program Director

Program Needs

We are looking for housing for three families. The desired areas are Solanco, New Holland and Paradise. Let us know if you know of such housing opportunities!

Spring Gala

Our Spring Gala is coming up on Friday, May 12, 2023 at DoubleTree Resort, Lancaster, PA. Joining us is guest speaker Niro Feliciano, author of “This Book Won’t Make You Happy: 8 Keys to Finding True Contentment.” There are opportunities to attend in person or virtually.

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Relationships are formed in Neighborhoods of Support