The simple act of bringing a meal

February 13, 2024

Meeting with her Bridge of Hope Case Manager, a mom was very surprised and delighted to hear that some of her Neighboring Volunteers were planning to deliver meals to her house. “No one has ever made me a meal before,” she shared.

While it was second nature for the volunteers to care for others in this way, it was a special thing for the family. Through this and other ways of caring, the family has expressed that they feel very supported by their Neighboring Volunteers.

This simple act of delivering a home-cooked meal had a big impact on the family. With these acts of kindness, we demonstrate Christ’s love to moms and their children when they need it most.

Are you and your faith community ready to share simple acts of kindness and walk alongside a family facing homelessness? To learn more about how you can Neighbor a family in Bridge of Hope, contact Caleb Simmers at


Jessica Sisemore, Program Director


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The simple act of bringing a meal