This is What Neighboring Looks Like

August 9, 2022

Arabela’s* Neighboring Volunteers were walking with her through the many struggles of climbing out of homelessness. Recently divorced with small children, Arabella was working full time while also completing an education program to earn a higher income and was managing the challenges of juggling job, daycare and looking for housing she could afford. Everything felt overwhelming. The formula shortage added a level of stress this young mother should not have had to face. Arabela’s youngest has a health condition and needs a specific, more expensive type of formula in order to thrive. Looking everywhere and down to her last can, Arabela was desperate. Then her Neighboring Volunteers heard about her need. They rallied, networked and multiplied the hunt for the formula. Several Neighboring Volunteers showed up the next day with numerous cans of the necessary formula! Together, Arabela and her new support system overcame the formula crisis so her youngest had enough food.

This is what Neighboring looks like; meals when someone is sick, a quiet walk – just to listen, taking the kids for a few hours so mamma can have a moment to breathe, rallying together to overcome a crisis. We’ve had friends and family do these things for us, we’ve done them for others. That’s how simple Neighboring is, and for families like Arabela’s, that’s how life-changing it is.

Recently Lynette, one of Arabela’s Neighboring Volunteers reflected on what motivated their church to form the group. She reflected, “Our motivation is to obey the scriptures. To care for our Neighbors…to be ‘the church’.” Members of your church, Bible study or Life Group can help ease the journey for young mothers like Arabela by neighboring with a family receiving Bridge of Hope services in Lancaster County.

What might motivate you to join Bridge of Hope in Neighboring?

Thank you for your support!


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This is What Neighboring Looks Like