You help families navigate transitions

October 24, 2023

We are celebrating a family graduating from Bridge of Hope! When this family started, the mom was dealing with an eviction and nervous she would be homeless with her son who has special needs. The family found new housing but had to move to a different part of the county, which was a challenge to leave the area they were familiar with.

Being a single parent to a child with special needs comes with a lot of challenges. Without a support system, she would need to miss work if her child was sick or school was closed. She had no one close that she trusted to care for her son and there were no day programs that would work for them. That all changed when she was connected with her group of Neighboring Volunteers. By the time she graduated, these relationships turned into great friendships. The Neighboring Volunteers helped the family move into their new place, showed them around the new town, and even helped them in getting a car.

Additionally, she has found more flexible employment, attended church, navigated through her new town, gained trustworthy friends to help with her son, and has safe and stable housing! She is so thankful for the support of Bridge of Hope and her Neighboring Volunteers.

Caleb Simmers
Church Engagement and Housing Director


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You help families navigate transitions